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Inheritance and Succession Law

Asset protection requires different measures: e.g. drafting of your will in a legally secure way, so that your arrangements will also be fulfilled post-mortem. However, estate planning also includes arrangements during your lifetime, such as an early asset transfer to close relatives, a functioning health care proxy and an individual living will. Last but not least, in the event of separation, a divorce by mutual consent can also help to prevent the dissipation of assets.

As a certified lawyer for inheritance and family law, I have therefore specialised on the protection of your assets.

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Last wills and more

My services in inheritance law include the planning and drafting of wills, in particular also in case of disabled or overindebted relatives. This always has to take inheritance tax and German compulsory portion claims in account in order to reduce unwanted claims. After decease, I help to administer and settle estates, also as a certified executor  (learn more …)


Measures during one's lifetime

Measures taken during your lifetime are same important for securing your existing assets. The early transfer of real estate to the next generation (anticipated succession) requires coordination with your individual goals under Civil- and Tax Law.

Equally important is a functioning health care proxy. If you are no longer able to care for yourself, a well known trusted person and not a third-party guardian should be authorised to act on your behalf. An individual living will – in contrast to the less meaningful standard forms – ensures you a clear definition of your own wishes (do’s and don’ts in case of illness).

Prenuptial agreements and divorce by mutual consent in the event of separation are flanking measures to ensure the protection of your assets (learn more …)

I will be happy to help you implement your tailor-made solution.


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