Office partnership

Since 2018 I share my office with two other lawyers. We complete each other concerning our areas of practice and can thus offer you a high quality of advice, even across disciplines.

Annabell Sybille Büttner, Attorney-at-law
Commercial and Corporate Law, Industrialization 4.0, Artificial Intelligence
Mrs. Büttner is specialised in advising and representing tradesmen and freelancers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Her clients include both start-ups and traditional companies. She serves you in the areas of corporate law, commercial law, general contract law and labour law, both in front of court as well as in third party negotiations. Within this scope, she will assist you, for example, in setting up your company, conducting your commercial business, drafting and reviewing your contracts and dealing with your employees.
Mrs. Büttner is particularly interested in the area of  industrialization 4.0 and artificial intelligence. In future, these topics will not only be of technical and social relevance, but also bring extensive legal challenges for companies and consumers. Mrs. Büttner also provides you with a blog on this topic, which deals with the current developments.
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Sabine Schittko, Attorney-at-law
Certified specialist for insurance law
Mrs. Schittko has been working as a lawyer for both insurance holders and insurance companies since 1994. She is certified specialist for insurance law since 2004. She has long time experience, particularly in the fields of third party-, accident-, disability-, health-, sickness daily allowance -, property-, motor vehicle liability – and comprehensive insurance as well as in commercial agency law (as part of insurance law).
A further focus of her work is on road traffic law (including traffic accidents, motor vehicle purchase, related criminal proceedings). This is associated with a comprehensive knowledge of tort law: which claims can you enforce in the event of damage to property and/or personal injury? A special interest of hers in medical law lies in the area of medical liability. Mrs. Schittko also has knowledge and experience in this field since 1994.
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