Inheritance law

One focus of my work are last wills and probate law, nationwide in Germany as well as within the EU and third countries, especially Brazil. You can find some of the topics of inheritance law in the list below in more detail.

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  • Planning and drafting of last wills
  • Testament in case of disabled relatives
  • Entrepreneur’s will
  • Planning of anticipated successions
  • Drafting of donation contracts, e.g. transfer of real estate property
  • Calculation of inheritance tax and gift tax
  • Enforcement of and defence against compulsory portion claims
  • Administration of the estate
  • Distribution of the deceased’s property
  • Application for and enforcement of certificates of succession
  • Disclaiming of inheritance rights
  • Explanation of the legal succession and its consequences
  • Executing the estate under the terms of a last will fairly to the benefit of the heirs
  • Preparation of inheritance or gift tax returns
  • Preparation and registration of health care proxies and advance health directives

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