Cleire de Quadro Sambo Cleire de Quadros Sambo

  • freelancer
  • cooperation with Translation and Interpretation Office de Quadros Sambo
  • extensive network with specialised Lawyers in Brazil

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Skype: kanzlei-sambo
Mobile: 01578-72 55 218

Mrs. de Quadros Sambo was born in Brazil. Her nationality is Brazilian, German and Italian. She studied law in Brazil and in Germany, is Translator and Interpreter for economical and juristic language in Portuguese (mother tongue), German, Spanish, Italian and English, Business Administrator, Commercial Administrator and Business Economist. Mrs. de Quadros Sambo is married and mother of a grown up daughter, who also already studies law in Germany. Mrs. de Quadros Sambo is

  • member of the German – Brazilian Association
  • co-founder and member of Casa do Brasil e.V.
  • member of MAI e.V., Migrantinnen Aktiv für das interkulturelle Zusammenleben in Bayern
  • member of CRECI/RS, Brazil
The cooperation with her Translation and Interpretation Office can be found here:  Translation- and Interpretation Office de Quadros Sambo, Baldham




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Other Cooperations in Germany and abroad will be given in case of demand.