Registration of Divorce Papers

Brazilian Law/ Divorce – “Homologação de Divórcio” – Registration of Divorce Papers in Brazil

As long as a divorce is not registered in Brazil the couple there is still deemed to be married. If a divorced person wants to marry again or just needs a new passport the divorce has to be registered in Brazil. The same applies in case of the sale of real estate in Brazil or the settlement of an estate.

Registration proceedings happen easily if they are organized by competent staff.

Our Practice provides a network of competent staff and Attorneys at Law in Brazil (OAB/RS, OAB/DF, OAB/RJ, OAB/SP). It also provides Translators involved in these matters for more than 10 years. The proccedings usually take about 6 month in case the papers are ok. Our Law Office has online access to these Court Proceedings.

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